Reap the rewards of the Cryptocurrency revolution

We specialize in helping ecommerce brands leverage cryptocurrency payment gateways to grow their bottom line.

Early adopters get the biggest rewards in the modern age

Attract the next generation of ecommerce customers by demonstrating first mover advantage in your industry. Taking cryptocurrency payments on your website will set you apart from those who don't.

See the advantages below:


Speed of payment

Receive money from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes.


Lower transaction fees

Retain more profits by not having to pay excessive transaction fees.


No chargebacks

Chargebacks will now be in your control, not a third party.


Next generation

Meet the tech savvy demands of the next generation customer.


Monetary diversification

Diversify your monetary assets by holding crypto and fiat currency.


Macro economic factors

Protect yourself from high inflation rates by holding cryptocurrency.


We will help you leverage cryptocurrency payment gateways on your website

Applicontech will support your cryptocurrency payment gateway implementation. We will advise you free of charge on required security protocols and even the implications such as accounting for your new monetary assets.

Ready to leverage crypto payment gateways to grow your business?

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Accept crypto payments, grow your business

Accept crypto payments gatways in Dubai and Middle East.With our safe and easy-to-use crypto payment gateways implimentation, we enable your clients business to accept crypto payments and quickly increase your revenue. We will advise you free of charge on required security protocols.

Accept cryptocurrency everywhere

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are digital currency payment processors that allow merchants to offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Cryptocurrency gateways enable you to accept digital payments and recieve fiat currency immediately in exchange.